of WE Europe B.V., a private limited liability company under the laws of The Netherlands with its statutory seat in Utrecht and with its registered office address at (3542 AD) Utrecht, The Netherlands at Reactorweg 101, and registered in the trade register under number 30089877, and any of its Affiliates as far as a applicable (hereinafter referred to as “WE”).

1. In general

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to every agreement that is concluded within the framework of visits to any event organized by WE (hereinafter referred to as “Event(s)”) between a visitor who received an exclusive invitation and/or reminder (hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor”) and the organizer WE.

1.2 The event venue, including but not limited to the WE Head Quarter (hereinafter referred to as “Event Venue”), may apply company house and safety rules in addition to these Terms, which rules can be found on the website of WE and/or at the Event Venue.

1.3 By entering the Event Venue the Visitor agrees to the content of these Terms any applicable company house and safety rules.

1.4 WE may at all times change all or part of these Terms without notification to a Visitor thereof. Any and all changes to these Terms shall be made available on the relevant page of WE’s website or can be send to Visitor upon request.

2. Access

2.1 An agreement between WE and a Visitor is formed the moment a Visitor decides to attend an Event at the Event Venue.

2.2 Any information such as announcements in connection with the Event is given, displayed or provided as accurately as possible. WE accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in or to the information referred to for any Event.

2.3 Non-recurrent access to the Event and the Event Venue by a Visitor is granted only once and only upon presentation of the invitation.

2.4 Only an original invitation provided by WE shall place a Visitor on the guest list and thereby grants access to the Event and Event Venue. The invitation and reminder shall be sent via e-mail only once.

2.5 An invitation to an Event is strictly personal and may therefore not be transferred or sold to any third party. A Visitor must be able to identify itself as an invitee at the guest list counter. For the avoidance of doubt, only the invited Visitor shall be granted access to the Event and Event Venue. WE shall at all times reserve the right to deny a person access to the Event or Event Venue in case of, including but not limited to, an invalid invitation, being unlisted on the guest list or in case of showing an invalid ID.

2.6 In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, including but not limited to, sickness and/or cancellation of artists, strikes, fire, poor weather conditions, epidemics, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Force Majeure”), WE has the right to postpone the Event to a later date or to cancel the Event completely.

2.7 If the Event is cancelled by WE as a result of or in connection with Force Majeure, the damage or loss will not be reimbursed, nor will the visitor be able to claim (replacement) access to an alternative Event.

2.8 Investments of any kind (i.e. travel expenses, etc.) made by a Visitor for the attendance of the Event are at Visitor’s own expense.

3. Event(s)

3.1 Visitor confirms that it shall adhere to the company house rules and any additional instructions from staff and competent authorities at all times. If WE deems it reasonably necessary to maintain peace and order during the Event, or in the event of non-compliance with the company house rules or instructions, it has the right to deny a Visitor (further) access to the Event and/or to remove the Visitor from the Event Venue.

3.2 WE shall at all times reserve the right to conduct a body search. To enable WE to meet its legal obligations, Visitors must be able to prove their identity on demand.

3.3 Visitor shall not be permitted to bring items to the Event such as, but not limited to, food, glassware, plastic bottles, water bottles, cans, CamelBak bottles, pets, (folding) chairs, small stools, inflatable objects, umbrellas and parasols, drugs, fireworks, (fire)arms, dangerous objects and professional photographic, film and other recording equipment. It is at the sole discretion of WE to decide if such equipment is to be deemed professional. WE will confiscate any unauthorised items or equipment at the entrance (or have them confiscated). Legal valuables can be collected later. Any illegal items will be handed over to the police.

3.4 Any video or photo content made by the Visitor during the Event shall be for personal usage only and shall not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior approval of WE.

3.5 A Visitor shall enter the Event Venue and attend the Event at its own risk. WE is not liable for loss of, theft of and/or damage to the possessions of visitors, including consequential damage or loss and intangible loss.

3.6 WE is not liable or responsible for damage to ears or eyes and other physical injuries caused in relation to visiting the Event and the Event Venue.

3.7 WE will endeavour to ensure that the programme is performed in accordance with the announced timetable as much as possible. However, WE is not liable for deviations therein and for (possible) damage or loss suffered by the Visitor and/or any third parties as a result thereof. All information provided on WE’s website or in the invitation are subject to change.

3.8 WE is not responsible or liable for the duration of programme components or the possible deletion or cancellation thereof.

3.9 Smoking on the Event Venue is not permitted with the exception of designated smoking areas. Any fines imposed on WE as a result of violations by the Visitor will be recovered on the Visitor.

3.10 Performing commercial activities during the event, and/or making abusive, discriminatory or offensive comments or wearing or spreading symbols to that effect is not permitted.

4. Personal data

4.1 WE shall processes personal data Visitors to its website in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. See the Privacy Policy at

4.2 It is possible that video and/or audio recordings will be made of the event and its Visitors, which recordings will be made public or reproduced. The Visitor shall grant its unconditional permission to make the aforesaid recordings and for the exploitation thereof, without WE or any other third parties owing the Visitor any compensation. Any related rights and/or copyrights and/or portrait rights are transferred by the Visitor to WE without any restriction thereto. Furthermore, the Visitor irrevocably waives the right to invoke his/her personality rights.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 Visitor shall keep confidential any information, furnished or disclosed to the Visitor by WE, whether disclosed in writing or disclosed orally, relating to the business of WE, its customers, its products, trade secrets (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”).

5.2 Any information in the public domain at the time of disclosure, and/or information that is required to be disclosed by law or by court order shall not be seen as Confidential Information.

6. Safety

6.1 In case of an emergency? Call: +31(0)30 247 94 79 or go to the reception desk.

6.2 When a calamity occurs we kindly ask you to follow the instructions of the ERO (BHV). You can recognize them wearing an orange vest.

6.3 If you here a slow-whoop alarm, calmly go to the nearest emergency exit and leave the building.

7. Final provisions

7.1 These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law.

7.2 Any disputes, of whatever nature, that arise between a visitor and the organisation as a result of (use or application of) these general terms and conditions and/or related agreements are exclusively submitted to the competent court in Utrecht.