WE Fashion is at the centre of society. We want to contribute actively and positively to it. We do this through clothing donations, but also by supporting good causes.



Each year, WE Fashion supports various charities. In recent years, we've provided lots of help to children in the countries in which we produce. After all, they are the future of these countries and we believe that education is one of the best means to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Through the WE® Get Together Foundation, we focus on key projects that create active engagement between WE Fashion employees, customers and suppliers. The emphasis here is on social projects in the countries where WE® produces, but also in the countries where WE Fashion has operational activities. Themes supported by the foundation include welfare, health, education, environment and emergency aid.

We donate money to good causes, generated from the proceeds of sample sales, sales of old stock and occasional fundraising by our employees. In addition, we donate samples and unworn clothes to ReShare, an initiative of the Salvation Army. WE Fashion also works structurally with Dress For Success Utrecht. Clothing donations to this initiative go to disadvantaged people and refugees and provide them with a good job outfit.

Within its sustainability strategy, WE Fashion has set a single goal to achieve the above, and this goal has one focus: supporting good causes.

Want to read more about the goals we have set and what we have achieved to give back to society? You can find our latest sustainability report on the Transparency page.



The partnership between WE Fashion and ReShare, an initiative of the Salvation Army, has been a central focus for years. They sort the goods we donate, sell surplus products in the ReShare stores and recycle product waste. With the money they generate from this, they take action locally, nationally and internationally to fight poverty and injustice.


With the WE® Get Together Foundation, WE Fashion aims to make a positive contribution to good causes. The emphasis is on social projects in the countries where WE Fashion produces, but also in the countries where WE® is operationally active.


The WE® Get Together Foundation is governed by a board, consisting of WE Fashion employees. The foundation is an independent body and has independent decision-making powers within the board. The WE® Get Together Foundation is an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI).

Read the annual report of the WE® Get Together Foundation on the Transparency page.


The WE® Get Together Foundation relies on the expertise of partner organisations with experience in development aid and the environment.

The foundation seeks to work with partner organisations that have a sustainable impact on people and the environment in communities where we produce or operate.


The board of the WE® Get Together Foundation consists of the following people:

Anne Reeser: chairman

Amal Alflen-Mea: secretary

Edwin Jägers: treasurer

The board receives no remuneration for performing work on behalf of the WE® Get Together Foundation.



Do you want to build a circular fashion industry together? You can do so by handing in your old, unworn clothes at our stores. All collected clothes are donated to a Salvation Army initiative called ReShare. Worn clothes are given a second life and sold at an affordable price in so-called ReShare stores. Through your clothing donations, you support a good cause, make others happy and contribute to a better environment.


  1. Fill a bag with clothes and shoes you no longer wear and bring these items to a WE® store near you.
  2. Nothing is too small or insignificant to be recycled; even socks, washed-up shirts or broken jeans or trousers can be reused.
  3. Your bag will be sent to the Salvation Army from our stores. Clothing that is still wearable always gets a second life.


  • Clothes must be clean and washed. However, it’s allowed to be broken or damaged.
  • This initiative takes place in all WE® stores in the Netherlands.


The Salvation Army is for everyone, regardless of religion, background or belief. Besides extensive charity work, the Salvation Army has been collecting clothes and textiles under the name ReShare for more than 130 years. All donated clothing is reused by sorting companies or sold in the so-called ReShare stores. These shops offer appealing clothes at an affordable price for people who have little to spend, want to protect the environment or are looking for something unique. The revenue supports charity work, such as providing facilities for teenage mothers, youth work or reintegration into the labour market.